Experienced Integrated Marketer, Entrepreneur, Founder, MBA, and Analytics Specialist.

Tim Flint HeadshotA Little About Me: I am Tim Flint, and I have been working in marketing since 2007 helping companies market themselves online as well as helping them integrate their offline marketing with their online efforts. Along the way, I came to love web analytics and conversion rate optimization. I graduated from Notre Dame with an MBA in marketing and I have a bachelor’s from BYU-Idaho in Business Management. I have an integrated ad agency background and have helped clients such as Transitions Lenses, Carl Zeiss Optical, Purdue Online Engineering, Kayak Pools Midwest, and many other brands. With a background in photography and filmmaking as well, I have the ability to help find and tell the story of your website to enable you to change the ending. Let me uncover your website’s story. Contact me today!

Why I Tell Stories: I love to camp. As an Eagle Scout you can say camping is in my blood. When camping, one of the most enjoyable times is late at night sitting around the campfire and swapping stories with friends. It is an spontaneous event, yet many lessons can be learned and new ideas can be shared in such a storytelling atmosphere.

Telling stories by the fire has been a means of communication and teaching for thousands of years. Today, we still tell stories every day, however, instead of being around the glow of the fire (usually started using “Flint” & Steel) they generally are told by the glow of the television.

Successful storytelling even takes place in the classroom, an example being your favorite professor using a story or a scenario to help you to learn a principle. This type of storytelling can be used in business as well. In business you build great products that fill a need and then you try to sell that product, often by telling the story of the need that your product fills. But, we can take storytelling further in business and use it as a means to drive action in strategic and tactical decision making.

Websites and their data tell stories every day; it is simply a matter of dissecting the data into its various parts and then applying the lessons learned. Click here to learn about data story telling.

Telling the stories of your website will help you convince your clients or your boss to take the necessary action to improve your website and increase sales or leads. Let me help you do it.