Built On This Principle: Your marketing efforts should be data driven and support your brand.

In 2011, we started Flint Analytics because we were sick of seeing companies wasting their time and money on ineffective marketing campaigns because they weren’t targeted, tracked, and fit their brand message.

Many companies will preach to you of the importance of using data to drive your marketing decisions. And, we do too. But, it’s important that those data driven decisions fit in with your brand message.

While you might get good results just using data to make a better paid search campaign, Facebook campaign, or email campaign, you will never get great results – without tying your campaigns to the story you are telling your customers in all of your channels. It is this combination of offline and online marketing where the true magic happens and fires are lit in customers’ minds.

So, let us gather information about your business, and track and launch a campaign that will get the fire started. Then, we will stoke the fire through continual reporting and testing. Don’t forget, a fire is most powerful and useful when it is controlled and maintained.

And, that’s exactly what we’re here for: to transform your data into successful marketing fires.

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