Falling In Love With Analytics

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It’s been 5 weeks since we first met, but it feels like we’ve known each other for as long as I can remember. My life has changed from the moment I caught a glimpse of its perfect curves and learned of its realistic outlook on events. I am not sure if I am quoting a line from ABC’s The Bachelor or the potential sequel to Joaquin Phoenix’s Her when I say that, at this point, I am falling in love with analytics. Analytics doesn’t get mad at me. The first day – the first week, I had no idea how to navigate Adwords Editor. I wanted to explore every corner and know how to operate...

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Welcoming Nour Sadek

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We are excited to introduce our first employee, Nour Sadek, Internet Marketing Specialist. She joined us in January, and thanks to her, we have now doubled our team and our capabilities. In our search for an employee, we needed someone with a unique combination: number and analytics smarts with a healthy dose of marketing and writing skills. We found what we were looking for in Nour, plus a wicked sense of humor to boot. We knew she’d fit right in. Nour was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, a Mediterranean city engraved in history, drenched with olive oil, drunk in diversity. Nour...

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Google Analytics Desktop Only Segment

Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 in Blog | 4 comments

Boy was that a fun distraction. My last post got posted on Hack A Day. Thank you so much, Hack A Day. But, today I wanted to bring the focus back to analytics and not security. Recently, I needed to compare mobile traffic data vs. desktop traffic in Google. Google makes it really easy to segment out mobile traffic in Google Analytics, but they decided not to put in a segment for desktop only for easy comparison. When I went to figure out what to do to set it up, I was a little confused as it is hard to figure out by default what the settings for the mobile dimension are. So if you want to...

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Moving Truck Alarm System With An Arduino & Twilio

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Summary:To protect our moving truck (with all of our things inside) on the night before our move I used a WiFi-enabled Arduino and a motion sensor to to create a DIY alarm system that would trigger if someone opened the loading door on the truck. The Problem When we moved last month we decided to load the truck up the night before we drove off to Indianapolis so we could get there and unload our things in the morning. While this makes the move overall easier because it makes it easier to clean up the old place and set up things in the new place, it leads to a nerve-wracking scenario. My wife...

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Don’t Let Your Website Be A Firework

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Being that this week was Independence day, I thought about fireworks. Fireworks are a lot of fun and even beautiful, but by their very nature they don’t last long. This was evidenced this past week by the San Diego fireworks show, when a 17 minute fireworks show went off in about 15 seconds. Websites can often have a similar rush of excitement and then have a loss of all energy. This happens when companies use tricks to gain traffic instead of building lasting value for their customers. This can be seen when companies take shortcuts in SEO, for example, by purchasing low quality links...

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Should You Advertise Higher Priced Goods To Mac Users?

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The WSJ recently had an article in which it identified that Orbitiz was showing higher priced hotels to Mac users, because Orbitz discovered that Mac users were spending up to “$20 to $30 more a night on hotels than their PC counterparts”. What in essense is going on is a type of price segmentation that is happening more and more every day as there is more data available for merchants to be able to discriminate with. This has happened for a while in other direct marketing industries where based on demographic data on a user they will show different offerings. The reason this is...

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