Multi-location Business Marketing

Multi-location Business Marketing Starts at the Local Level


There is nothing more local than a fire. You can only feel its warmth when you’re close to it.

Multi-location businesses are like campfires. You can focus on one big overbearing and impersonal marketing bonfire. Or you can build smaller local marketing campfires, even hyperlocal campaigns, to reach your customers where they live, in a warm, familiar way. What is that phrase again? Location. Location. Location.

Importance of Local Marketing

Some multi-location companies forgot how important reaching their local customers was. When companies started marketing online they believed their success would be found through nationalization. So they built huge websites to compete with the online-only providers. They found some success, but they lost the advantages of targeting local customers. All of this was done to protect the corporate brand and image and save on resources.

But, then the web became more local. With the advent of the smartphone, more customers started reaching out to local businesses through the web. Suddenly, reaching customers locally became more important than ever.

The Challenge With Local Marketing

The challenge with marketing to local customers is how to give your locations the marketing tools they need while still protecting your brand and your resources.

In the past there were three ways to reach your local customers online. The first way was to forget about being local and give everyone the same experience through your national website. The second way was to have corporate manage all of the location’s websites and campaigns one by one, which drained your time and resources.

The third way was to have your locations run their own marketing. The trouble with giving locations full control of the marketing is that many don’t know the first thing about marketing, and you lose control over your brand and messaging. It’s also expensive to have each location run their own marketing as they don’t have access to scaled pricing and enterprise level tools.

A New Way to Succeed with Local Marketing

We’ve seen the challenges of multi-location businesses and knew there had to be a better way to market locally. That’s why we specialize in building dynamic local marketing campaigns done at scale. You can both take advantage of your national or regional brands while providing a warm, friendly, and local face to your neighbors and customers.

These dynamic campaigns are run at the corporate level. Campaigns are easily customizable to each location and changes are done all at once, instead of one by one. Our tools let you control how much marketing access you give to your locations so you can work together on building even better local campaigns.

So stop building one giant bonfire that can never hit everyone in the country and start building incredible local fires that will help you reach more customers than ever in a warm, inviting way.

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