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Apartment Marketing Made Easy

Update: Introducing Resident Spark. Resident Spark is a new division of Flint Analytics dedicated solely to apartment marketing automation. Find out more about Resident Spark and what it can do for you by visiting ResidentSpark.com.

Managing local marketing and websites for your apartment properties can be challenging.  Each property has its own branding, unique location, and ideal audience. When you’re responsible for each location’s content, tracking, and marketing campaigns, it gets overwhelming. That’s why you need a partner like Flint Analytics.

We help property groups who are struggling to create customizable strategies that work for each apartment complex.

Marketing Strategy

Each apartment group is unique. Whether you manage 5 or 500 properties, we can help. We’ll look over your properties and help design your local marketing strategy. From what types of websites to use for each location to determining the best customer interactions and marketing channels, we put in the research needed to create a custom solution.

Local Websites

By linking your property websites through our technology, it easier than ever to target your local market. You can manage your sites so they’re not managing you. It’s apartment marketing made easy.

Our integrated network of property sites:

Content Creation

Creating local content for your apartments is crucial to attracting local customers and gaining organic search visibility. Our website marketing technology lets you create content once and send out unique, local versions to all your locations. Our system also customizes your content and website by using variables for each apartment such as photos, geography, amenities, names, copy and more. This gives your sites additional SEO power without spending hours manually adding in different photos, amenities, contact information, and other unique details for each website.

Paid Media Management

Increase your marketing ability with paid media. We’ll audit and manage your current PPC and remarketing accounts to find hidden opportunities and where you’re wasting dollars. Then we’ll test and retest your keywords, campaigns, and more to give you the best results within your budget.

Website & Campaign Analytics

Tracking is at the heart of all marketing efforts. We’ll set up custom analytics for each apartment’s website and campaigns. You can see all your properties results within one easy-to-read report. We also offer strategy sessions on how to take action on your analytics results to grow your apartments’ revenue.

Start gaining more local leads. Contact us today to talk about the best strategies for marketing your apartments locally online.

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