Dealer Network Marketing

Marketing Services For Your Dealers To Sell Your Product As Well As You Do

Your business wouldn’t be where it is today without your dealers and distributors. They’re the local businesses and faces your customers know and trust. And they’re your closest link to your customers.

Help your dealers grow their leads by offering online marketing services from Flint Analytics. By creating marketing services for your dealers you:

Flint Analytics Dealer Marketing Services

We know that the best way for your business to grow is at the local level, through your dealers. We provide customizable strategies and marketing services that best fit your company and dealer network.

Marketing Strategy

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for dealer network marketing. That’s why we dive deep into your company, network, and industry to understand your vision and marketing goals. We then design and build the best local marketing strategy to grow your company and dealer network.

Customizable, Connected Websites

Create websites for your dealers so that their local customers can find them – and your products – online. We will build a network of unique, local websites for each of your dealers. Your dealer websites are linked together under one easy-to-manage central portal where you (and they) can add unique, local content, promotions, or other updates.

Unique Content Creation

Creating local content for your dealers that solves their local customers’ problems will grow their customer base and help them show up in search engines. If your dealers have local websites with us, you can create content once and send out unique, local versions to all your locations.

Paid Media Management

Grow your dealers’ online leads with paid media campaigns. We offer pay-per-click (PPC), display advertising, remarketing, and more to advertise to your dealers’ local customers. We optimize all aspects of your campaign including keywords, ads, and more to give your dealers the best local leads while staying within their budget.


Track your dealers’ online marketing efforts to achieve continual improvement. We’ll set up custom analytics for each dealer’s website and campaigns. You can see how each dealer is doing – and what they need to improve on – within one easy-to-read report.

Call us to learn more about how to make your dealer marketing program successful.


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