Our Three Step Process:

Gather. Ignite. Stoke.

Works Every Time.

Step 1: Gather The Data

We start by understanding your business from the inside out. We gather information on:

  • Your business
  • Your website analytics
  • Your past campaigns
  • Your customer data
  • Your target market

We ask you questions about your customers, about your business, and about you. Once we have this information, we can deliver the right message, in the right channel, to the right audience.

Step 2: Ignite Your Campaigns

Based on the information we collected, we develop a marketing plan that fits your brand. We craft a message that represents you in the creative of display ads, text ads, Facebook ads, and landing pages. We implement tracking on your website and in the different advertising mediums to monitor every click and every lead your campaigns generate.

Then, we start promoting your message through pay-per-click advertising, display, remarketing, or email.

Step 3: Stoke The Marketing Fire

We diligently manage the campaigns and report on their results. We know that the only way to improve a campaign is by testing different versions of ads and landing pages – and, testing them again.

The industry calls this conversion rate optimization. We like to think of it as stoking the marketing fire.

Start Your Marketing Fire Today

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