Our services are focused on helping you set up and understand your data. More importantly, our services are focused on helping you take action.

Web Measurement Strategic Consulting:

When you don’t know what your objectives are you can’t be successful with analytics, because if you don’t have objectives you don’t know what is important to measure. Flint Analytics will create a measurement strategy that utilizes objectives, goals, KPI’s targets, and segments to help you deliver the insights and stories you need from your data.

Google Analytics Setup:

Once you have a web measurement plan you are ready to tackle the technical problems that come up when installing your analytics solution. Flint Analytics will ensure your tracking is set up right and you’re ready to take action on your data.

Google Analytics Trouble Shooting:

Everything on the web tends to be a work-in-progress and things happen that are often unexpected. Flint Analytics can help you trouble shoot the unexpected to get you back up and running.

Analytics Reporting:

This reporting isn’t some boring report that you glance over once a month and throw away. It is a report focused on helping you take action whether you are recommending action to a client or your boss. Reporting must help you know your next steps, and if you are an agency it can help prove to your client just how awesome you are in your marketing efforts.

Conversion Rate Optimization:

Testing. Testing. Testing.  That is how you will take a moderately performing campaign and landing page and turn it into one that soars. We will help you run the tests you need to get the results you want out of your website.

Pay-Per-Click Management:

Utilize the the most effective marketing channels ever in pay-per-click marketing by letting us manage your pay-per-click to get the best value for your money. Flint Analytics has more than three years of ppc experience and has spent almost one million in ppc spend for clients over the years.