Multi-location Business SEO

Local SEO For Multi-location Businesses and Franchises

Multi-location businesses and franchises have a unique advantage in the SEO space. Their local stores.

Local businesses beat national chains and national brands every day in organic search results. Go conduct a search for your “lawn care in [your area]” for example right now. Go ahead. We’ll wait. Most likely in your local market, you will notice that the local companies aren’t being beat by the national companies. And in fact, the local companies beat the national companies.

A key reason is that a local business’ entire site is built around a product or service in a given market. National brands barely mention the local market when talking about their product or service, making it harder to be relevant in that local market. This is repeated in industry after industry that competes for local business online.

Multi-location businesses can take advantage of this opportunity by giving their locations their own real estate online. There are many ways to accomplish this, depending on your industry and how your business is structured. You can build local pages,  local sub-domains, local domains, local sub-directories, or other options. By focusing on your locations, you’re building a stronger SEO strategy that will pay off for years to come.

Franchise and multi-location SEO services

At Flint Analytics, we offer franchise and multi-location SEO services to increase your local search visibility and search traffic to gain more local customers.  Your SEO campaigns are managed at the corporate level but customized to each of your locations.

Our multi-location business SEO services include:

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