Multi-location Business Websites

Local Websites Are Key to Multi-location Marketing Success

Consumers are looking online for local products and services. According to Google, since 2011, Google searches for “near me” has increased 34 times, with 80% of it through mobile¹. Do your locations have their own website to service these local clients?

Local websites or landing pages are a key component to a local marketing program. Creating local websites that are relevant to your customers increases your local leads and conversions. It also builds trust with your locations’ customers. Building local websites presents an incredible opportunity to grow and reach local customers like never before.

Moving from one large corporate site to individual local sites may seem daunting. It would be if you didn’t have the right partner: Flint Analytics. When you see how easy our technology makes it to build, update, track and manage a suite of sites from one interface, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.

Easy to Manage Franchise and Multi-location Business Websites

Our technology lets you control all of your websites from a central location so that they’re easy to manage and update. This makes running promotions or content across all of your sites very simple. And if you add a new location, we’ll use your customized template to create a new website for them.

Custom Control of Branding and Content

Some companies want to maintain strict control of branding and new content across all of their sites. Other companies want to give their locations and franchisees more freedom in adding their own blog posts and local content. Either way, you choose how much control you have of the local sites’ branding and content.

A place for your dealers or stores to call their own

One of the greatest benefits of using local websites is the pride it instills in your locations. They now have an identity on their own. So, they’re going to promote their own site more — which means more sales for the corporation.

Search engine friendly websites

Our sites are created to be search engine friendly. Every site is optimized for conversion in a local market and follows best practices for search engine optimization. We make it easy to create custom, localized content that ranks well for local search terms.

Built-in analytics for every location

We build in analytics to each site from day one. Our reporting engine lets you track visitors, conversions, e-commerce sales, and more for each of your locations and dealers. That way you know which locations are successful and which need more help.

Are you ready to explore how your company can benefit from building local websites? Contact us today to help you design and build a local website program.



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