Multi-location Paid Search

An Easier Way to Manage Your Local Paid Search Campaigns

We’ve changed the way multi-location businesses run their paid search and PPC campaigns. We manage your multi-location paid search campaigns from the corporate level, but highly customize them for each location with our ability to create hundreds and thousands of custom landing pages for each primary and secondary market. We even offer you the ability to run co-op PPC programs.

Running Local Campaigns from the Corporate Level

We’ve seen many multi-location companies who thought paid search won’t work for their company because they’ve failed at it in the past. Some were unsuccessful because they left it up to their stores or franchisees to run their own campaigns. Other multi-location companies failed at paid search because they ran generic, national campaigns.

Paid search campaigns work best when they are customized to your customer’s location. This way your ads match both the consumer’s local geo-targeting and search intent and lead them to a local landing page.

By managing your local campaigns at the corporate level you can highly target your local leads. Other benefits include:

Resource-Saving Technology that Customizes Your Campaigns

Running local campaigns from the corporate level is tricky. You need the right strategy, enough resources, and the proper tools for juggling all of your locations’ campaigns and landing pages.

Our paid search technology lets us manage your local paid search campaigns successfully, using minimal resources – no matter how many locations or websites you have. We manage each location’s unique keywords, ads, landing pages, and all aspects of your campaign in bulk, instead of one at a time. You get the benefit of your campaigns being run from one place and the value of customized, local paid search.

Working with a Partner Who Understands Multi-location Paid Search

Running campaigns for multiple locations is challenging. But you’re not alone. At Flint Analytics, we’re with you at every step of way with your campaigns.

We’ll help you:

Are you ready to finally be successful with your multi-location paid search campaigns? Contact us today to see how we can help you with your multi-location paid search strategy.

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