Multi-location and Franchise Website Analytics

Advanced Website Analytics to Track your Multi-location Business Performance

Every franchise and multi-location business needs accurate campaign and website analytics for their marketing program. Your data gives you powerful information on how to improve your business and marketing performance.

When companies work with Flint Analytics, they know more about their performance of every given store and how to help them than ever before. We work to first understand what needs to be tracked and then we work to ensure it is tracked properly. Finally, we work to ensure that insights are easy to take action on and results are easily distributed.

Franchise and Multi-location Analytics Decision Model

Developing a strategy for measuring your data and what you will do with that data once you have it (we suggest starting a fire) is one of the most important things you will do. We call it the Flint Analytics Decision ModelTM. We start by looking at your business objectives and marketing channels. We then combine that data to look at the Next Interaction ModelTM which looks at the next interaction that you should take based on all possible outcomes in a marketing channel. Once all necessary measurement points are established and goals set for possible outcomes, we can create a decision model that helps our clients know the right questions to ask of their data to take action. This develops more freedom in the business and guides them to more success.

Website and Campaign Analytics Audits

You can recognize opportunities for improving your site and campaigns with a comprehensive audit. We evaluate what’s currently tracked, identify what you need to track, highlight problem areas, and recommend changes.

Website Analytics Implementation

Whether you have 20 locations or 2,000, we’ll set up tracking for each location. We can handle ecommerce tracking, goal setup, event tracking, custom dimensions, and more. We’ll teach you how to get the data from multiple websites and how to keep that data consistent and accurate.

Reporting and Dashboards

Stay updated on the progress of your campaigns and websites with reports and dashboards. Our reports show what’s happening at each of your locations and the steps you can take to improve them.

Dashboards combine multiple reporting sources into one easy to read, customizable format. This comprehensive, high-level view of your business performance lets you track your most important KPIs.

Call us today to see how we can change your business with multi-location analytics and tracking.

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