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Jessica is the Paid Media Manager at Flint Analytics. She specializes in localizing paid search and has worked with businesses with dozens to thousands of locations.

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How to Troubleshoot Poor PPC Performance

How To Troubleshoot Poor PPC Performance Perhaps you’ve just started a ppc account for your business or you’ve been utilizing ppc as a marketing channel for a while. At some point, you’ll likely experience less than stellar performance – and that’s okay as long as you know what steps to take to right the ship. […]

Most Common DIY Paid Search Mistakes

All too often, we see companies attempt to dip their big toe in to the paid search (PPC) pool and come out on the other side disappointed with the swim. This usually leads to the assumption that PPC doesn’t work for their industry or isn’t profitable. However, when we conduct audits on existing accounts and […]

Localizing PPC Copy For Multi-Location Businesses

Ad copy is where you have some of the most creative opportunity in the paid search space.  That creativity comes with some boundaries since AdWords only allows a certain amount of characters to convey your message and earn a potential customer’s click. In order to accomplish this, you must not only appear in the space […]

4 Considerations When Implementing Multi-Location PPC

Businesses with dozens or even thousands of locations have a unique paid search (PPC) challenge; how to efficiently execute a localized strategy. I’ve worked on many multi location PPC accounts that approached the issue of multiple locations in different ways, and while there are pros and cons to all account structure strategies, below are the main […]