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The Only Two Metrics That Actually Matter In Advertising

There are only two metrics that actually matter in advertising: cost and revenue. Cost is readily available in all ad platforms, but revenue can be difficult and costly to obtain. Because of this, many agencies and marketing departments fail to track this crucial metric, leaving them to spend client dollars blindly. Advertising’s Sole Purpose Is […]

Integrating Google Enhanced Ecommerce and the Facebook Pixel

This article is for those who: use Google Tag Manager and the data layer to implement enhanced ecommerce (see our handy guide), use Google Tag Manager to manage their Facebook Pixel, and are interested in running dynamic retargeting ads for a Facebook Catalog.h In order to send existing enhanced ecommerce data into Facebook, you will […]

Content is Hard, Time Consuming, And Invaluable

With the rise of social media influencers, some companies have decided to get out of the content game. Sure, they have a website, and perhaps a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account, but they’re rarely updated. They may even have a corporate blog section, even though it hasn’t been touched since Obama’s first term. It just […]

Math for Marketers: Quadratic Trendlines

Disclaimer: We’re going to be using some calculus and linear regression here. The math can be a bit boring, so bear with me. We’ll get to the fun applied part after getting through some of the need-to-knows. If you’d like to skip the theory and go straight to the application, click here. Introduction At Flint […]

13 Fans Will Be Arrested If The Steelers Win This Weekend

We can’t tell you which teams will win this weekend’s AFC and NFC championship games, but we can tell you how many people we think will be arrested at each. In Atlanta, if the Falcons win, 1 fan will be arrested. If Green Bay wins, 3 fans will be arrested. In Foxborough, if the Patriots win, 11 […]

How to Troubleshoot Poor PPC Performance

How To Troubleshoot Poor PPC Performance Perhaps you’ve just started a ppc account for your business or you’ve been utilizing ppc as a marketing channel for a while. At some point, you’ll likely experience less than stellar performance – and that’s okay as long as you know what steps to take to right the ship. […]