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Setting Up Enhanced Ecommerce Using Google Tag Manager and the Data Layer

Enhanced Ecommerce is hard. Like, frustratingly hard. The setup is complex, time-consuming, and downright confusing, and it doesn’t help that Google’s support documents for the setup process are scattered and incomplete. But here at Flint Analytics, we decided to take all this disjointed documentation and bundle it all together in one mega-guide to understanding the […]

Most Common DIY Paid Search Mistakes

All too often, we see companies attempt to dip their big toe in to the paid search (PPC) pool and come out on the other side disappointed with the swim. This usually leads to the assumption that PPC doesn’t work for their industry or isn’t profitable. However, when we conduct audits on existing accounts and […]

Localizing PPC Copy For Multi-Location Businesses

Ad copy is where you have some of the most creative opportunity in the paid search space.  That creativity comes with some boundaries since AdWords only allows a certain amount of characters to convey your message and earn a potential customer’s click. In order to accomplish this, you must not only appear in the space […]

How to Track Landing Page Templates Across Multiple Websites Using Crazy Egg and Wildcards

Motivation Let’s say you run a multi-location business with several locally-optimized websites (i.e. examplemiami.com, examplechicago.com, examplesanfrancisco.com, etc). These sites all have similar layouts and URL structures. Say you also have a set of landing pages that are nearly identical across all sites, like examplecity.com/product-experience-1, examplecity.com/product-experience-2, etc. If you have the same landing page template replicated […]

4 Considerations When Implementing Multi-Location PPC

Businesses with dozens or even thousands of locations have a unique paid search (PPC) challenge; how to efficiently execute a localized strategy. I’ve worked on many multi location PPC accounts that approached the issue of multiple locations in different ways, and while there are pros and cons to all account structure strategies, below are the main […]

Landing Page Optimization Tools (CrazyEgg)

Not all website pages are created equal. And, where conversion rates rule supreme, your newly created landing page better match or outperform the existing pages. But, you’re thinking: what more can I do? I followed all the CRO tips I learned from an article I read last week. I tweaked that landing page until every […]

Falling In Love With Analytics

It’s been 5 weeks since we first met, but it feels like we’ve known each other for as long as I can remember. My life has changed from the moment I caught a glimpse of its perfect curves and learned of its realistic outlook on events. I am not sure if I am quoting a […]