Calling For Graphs In Real Life

Making data more personal to people is a core part of my business, and I often wonder the best way to go about this.  When you personalize data through a story or through some other means it will stick with people more and they will comprehend it better. I have been exploring ways to accomplish this by making data a part of real life. One way that this was done perfectly was with Google’s wonderful online checkout in real-life video.

I have many ideas on how to do this for clients, but I wanted a consistent real life theme I could add to the blog. So to do that I am working on finding graphs in real life to help make each of my blog posts more interesting. A graph in real life is like the following:

Real Life Double Hockey Stick

That is a real life honest-to-goodness hockey stick graph. Even better it is a double hockey stick graph. There are startup entrepreneurs that have dreams of these every night. And who wouldn’t want to see their traffic and revenue accelerate like this?  It’s almost as good as a double rainbow.

While I will work faithfully to find these little nuggets, or graphs, in real life, I was hoping that you out there would be willing to help out. If you ever spot a picture online or in the real world that shows graphs in real life send it my way by emailing me at tim at flintanalytics dot com or send it to me by tweet and I will be sure to reward and credit your wonderful contribution.

So show me what you got, because I know if you are like me, after a day of looking at graphs on your computer they tend to miraculously appear in real life.

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Tim Flint

Tim Flint

Tim Flint is the Principal and Strategist at Flint Analytics. Having founded Flint Analytics, Tim strives to use data driven marketing to grow multi-location businesses.