Don’t Let Your Website Be A Firework

Being that this week was Independence day, I thought about fireworks. Fireworks are a lot of fun and even beautiful, but by their very nature they don’t last long. This was evidenced this past week by the San Diego fireworks show, when a 17 minute fireworks show went off in about 15 seconds.

Websites can often have a similar rush of excitement and then have a loss of all energy. This happens when companies use tricks to gain traffic instead of building lasting value for their customers. This can be seen when companies take shortcuts in SEO, for example, by purchasing low quality links with relevant anchor text and rising to the top rapidly, only to be pushed down by Google in a new update.

Don’t be a failed fireworks show, build value and be rewarded for years to come.

Let us solve your SEO problem.

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    Tim Flint

    Tim Flint

    Tim Flint is the Principal and Strategist at Flint Analytics. Having founded Flint Analytics, Tim strives to use data driven marketing to grow multi-location businesses.