Raise Your Apartment Search Rankings With SEO-Friendly Websites and Hyperlocal Content Marketing

The competition for ranking with apartment SEO campaigns is rough. Between other apartments in your community and the MLSs, it’s harder and harder to rank near the top. That’s why our apartment SEO services are two-pronged: SEO-friendly websites and streamlined content marketing.

Apartment Websites Built From the Ground Up with SEO in Mind

The basic building block of SEO is your website, which is why every feature of our apartment websites has your SEO success in mind. Whether you have 1 or 100 properties, it’s easy to customize your content, meta tags, and more for local keywords for each property so that you can rank higher in organic searches.

Unique, Hyperlocal Content In Record Time, No Matter How Many Properties You Have

Google rewards companies that give searchers what they’re looking for: fresh, unique content about their apartments and city as well as helpful tips and tricks for residents and prospects. This is usually done through blogging.

No more properties with blogs that haven’t been updated for 2 years.

If your property’s blogs haven’t been updated in weeks, months or even a couple of years, you probably started them with the best of intentions, but were soon overwhelmed with the work involved.

For companies that own 10 or more properties, writing a unique blog post for all your properties is a full-time job in itself. And if you only wrote one article for all your properties it wouldn’t get the coverage needed and would be marked as duplicate content – negating all your efforts.

But what if you had a partner that could take one article and scale its content so that you end up with unique, customized content for each property? You’ll have great fresh content on your site, and because the writing is done in mass, you’ll save time and money and end up with content that will increase your SEO.

Contact Us For A Demo Today

If your SEO efforts aren’t getting the results you need, then contact us. We’ll show you how our websites and content strategy can grow your online leads by increasing your rankings. And you can even test it out by moving a few of your properties to our templated websites and we’ll create customized content for each location with unique copy.