Spend Less Time Managing Your Website & More Time Turning Prospects Into Residents

When it comes to developing websites for managing apartment properties, there’s really only thing that matters: how much time you have to invest in it. As an apartment manager, the less time you have to spend working in the nuts and bolts of your website, the better.

Most companies building websites for property managers only focus on beautiful designs and very basic SEO functionality. They give you a site, but the biggest problem most managers of multifamily housing have isn’t the site design, it’s the content.

The time the property management team spends making content and ensuring content is correct (that it wasn’t copy and pasted into the wrong location for example) is tremendous. It can take days or even weeks to do even the most basic edits across all your properties with most apartment platforms. Because of this time sink, your SEO suffers, your user experience suffers, and therefore your occupancy suffers. All because you never have time to do all the things you need to do and that your prospects expect you to do.

With Flint Analytics and our unique technology platform for apartment websites you are able to manage all your sites as if they are one, while still maintaining unique content on each individual site. Which means no more images and texts on the wrong site. No more spending days copying and pasting copy to only make slight tweaks. It means you don’t lose a day of your time or your employee’s time updating your promotions. And because you can manage all your properties from one central hub, you can edit and optimize your content so that you can start ranking for the search engines.

Get Time Back With Our Sites That:

  • Ensure content is right the first time.
  • Allow for SEO updates that don’t take weeks allowing you to experiment more with your content.
  • Load fast.
  • Make content marketing for apartments easier than ever.
  • Use integrations that update any changes to your property management software and CRM. (Resman & Leasehawk only currently. Have a PMS that you want integrated? We can do it.)

What you never before thought was possible is now possible; you can actually have an effective blog with unique content on each site so it doesn’t look like the last time someone cared to post anything was 2015. Whether you have 5 properties or 100, we can help you take back your day and accomplish more.

To find out how you can save more time so you can do what you need to, schedule a demo and we can show you how to get your time back.

Try it with one or five properties. When you are ready to move all your properties over we will get you setup with our property command center to work with all your properties.