Multi-location Content Marketing

Smarter content marketing for multi-location businesses and franchises

Solving customers’ problems is the key to building a solid SEO strategy. You can do this through content marketing. Content marketing builds trust between your company and your customers as you teach them how to use your products, how your products can fix their problems, and answer the questions they have.

Content marketing for franchises and multi-location businesses is especially important when you want to target customers locally. Giving your customers local, relevant content that solves their problems enhances their buying experience and improves your locations’ organic search visibility.

Producing locally relevant content for dozens or hundreds of locations can seem impossible to execute with your current resources. But, not when you partner with Flint Analytics to create unique content for websites, social media, and search engines at scale that solves customer problems in every market.

Our time-saving technology distributes unique content to each of your locations

Our technology lets you build a multi-location content marketing program where we write content once and then distribute unique, localized versions of your content to each of your websites through our central interface.

If you were to write an article and customize it to each location with unique copy, it would easily take you an hour per location for each article. Plus, you would have to distribute it from each location’s website. If you had 50 locations, you would spend over 50 hours on one article for your locations.

Our system reduces the time to write and distribute custom copy by dozens of hours per article. For example, if we spend four hours on writing and editing an article, it will only take two more hours to prepare the article so it can be customized with unique, local copy and distributed to hundreds of locations with a click of a button. This saves you countless hours and makes locally relevant, unique content possible, and cost effective.

Our technology lets us put variables for your locations’ phone numbers, city name, pictures, words, phrases, and more to get truly unique content for each of your locations. You have the option to give your locations access to add their own local content or keep all control through corporate.

Content marketing services from strategy through distribution

Our franchise and multi-location content marketing services includes:

Content marketing can give your locations the SEO boost they need online to generate more leads. Give us a call to see how we can help your locations with content marketing.

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