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Tim Flint is the Principal and Strategist at Flint Analytics. Having founded Flint Analytics, Tim strives to use data driven marketing to grow multi-location businesses.

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Year End Web Analytics Reporting Part 1

It’s budgeting time. While that might not send out cheers of joy for your agency (as it sounds mildly better than a root canal) it should. The end of the year is an important time for businesses because they are beginning the process of setting budgets. To set a budget, companies review a department’s performance […]

Farmers’ Market Storytelling

My family and I love to go to our local farmers’ market here in South Bend. It is indoors, which means it is open even as South Bend heads into winter. There are the few things we love to pick up every time we are there like the locally produced beef sticks, but we really love just […]

Analytics Blog Purpose

I will be updating the blog at least once of week with tips, thoughts, insights, recommendations, videos, templates and tools to help companies and marketers better understand their data and the story it is telling. So please follow me on twitter and RSS as I continue to update the blog and website to provide new […]