In 2010, JCPenney sought to develop a sales promotion to drive and convert web traffic into retail foot traffic.


Identify JCPenney’s top 15 markets by sales volume. Develop highly targeted Pay Per Click and Display media campaigns to drive qualified web traffic to the JCPenney Optical/Transitions landing page. The program includes PPC marketing, display media buying, banner ad creative/promotion testing, landing page optimization, monthly reporting and analysis.


Producing more than 33,000 visitors to the JCPenney Optical website, the program exceeded initial projections by 3,000 visitors or 10%. Over the two-month promotion period, PPC store searches converted at a categorically impressive 20.61% and display media at 2.61%. With 2,430 printed coupons, PPC campaigns and banner ads had an average conversion rate of 10.50% and 4.0% respectively – well above industry averages. The campaign outperformed client expectations leading to a roll-out of the pilot program into a full bore national campaign.