Guardhouse Security


In 2012, Guardhouse Security, a nationally backed, Indianapolis based security system provider, needed to build a cost effective conversion funnel to help site visitors better understand their security needs. This funnel would allow for repeatable marketing tactics.


  • Develop an interactive home security assessment tool to help people realize their security needs and drive more qualified leads. Determine necessary steps to for an effective assessment.
  • Set up tracking for website phone calls and email links.
  • Improve organic rankings to compete for nationally ranked targeted terms in the local market such as “security systems” – a broad term in Indianapolis.
  • Create a PPC campaign to drive prequalified traffic to the site. Create a remarketing campaign to recapture visitors that did not complete the assessment.
  • Produce more site content in the form of security tips to increase organic searches and increase relevancy in the local area.


The Indianapolis paid search campaign had a conversion rate upwards of 20%.

Organic leads increased by more than 3400% between 2012 and 2014 when competing with national brands.

Call tracking provided a better understanding of impact of search efforts. Phone call conversions were appropriately attributed to the corresponding digital channel, down to the keyword level in the case of paid search.