Local Online Marketing to Grow Your Agents’ Leads

It’s tempting to pour all your resources into your corporate marketing efforts. The truth is that customers are searching online for your services locally. They want a local face they can trust and who knows their community inside and out.

Whether your company is built on insurance, financial services, travel, or real estate agents, you depend on your agents finding and servicing new and current local customers. So give your agents the local marketing support they need to find new customers with Flint Analytics agent marketing services.

We’ll help your agents (and your company) grow their leads through determining local strategy, campaigns, websites, and more. By partnering with us you can:

  • Provide more local leads for your agents through their website and campaigns
  • Give your agents a website or page to call their own
  • Make distributing localized content across your agents’ websites quick and easy
  • Retain brand messaging and control
  • Track each agent’s online performance

Marketing Strategy

It all starts with strategy. Every agent company is different. That’s why we design and build marketing strategies for your agents’ websites, content marketing, analytics, and more.

Customizable Websites or Webpages

Create websites or webpages for your agents so that customers can find them — and your services — online. We will build a network of unique, connected websites or webpages for each agent that are under one easy-to-manage central portal. From this portal you can update all your agent websites at once with unique, local content that reflects the issues in your customers’ community. So you get websites that will bring in local leads for your agents without the headache of managing multiple websites.

Unique Content Creation

Creating local content for your agents is crucial to attracting local customers and showing up in search engines. When you use our local websites, you can create content once and it will update your agent’s websites with unique, local versions of the content.

Paid Media Management

Using paid media management will help your agents stay competitive. We can manage your pay-per-click (PPC), display advertising, remarketing, and more to drive customers to your agents and services online. We optimize your keywords, campaigns, ads, and more to grow your agents’ leads while staying within budget.

Social Media Management

Increase your social media engagement by creating local agent pages in Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. We’ll build local pages for each of your agents that are managed by corporate but can be updated at the agent level as well. Streamline your posting with our system by writing copy once that is customized and distributed for each agent. Our clients have found that local Facebook fans are 1.8 times more engaged than corporate fans.


In order to succeed, you’ll need to track your data. We’ll set up custom analytics for your agent’s website and campaigns. We’ll provide an easy-to-read report that summarizes your agent’s results. This way you know which agents are successful with their marketing and which need more help.

Agent Support

Even when your agents are excited about increasing their marketing abilities, it can be tricky to persuade them to buy in. We provide you with marketing materials to sell the benefits of a joint marketing program between your company and your agents.

Contact us today to for an agent marketing strategy session for your company.